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This information is intended to convey the underlying concepts for Reclamation's decision processes. It is not mandatory.
See the Reclamation Manual for official Reclamation-wide requirements.

Reclamation's Decision Process Guide


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navigate in the page--Page Layout

Sometimes the contents for a page doesn't exactly match the text headers. Don't worry--it's the same idea, only compressed for the space.

Each page in the Decision Process Guidebook has three parts:

The left hand side provides a table of contents for this page. You can click on the contents to get to that part of the page. The right hand side is a map to link to Reclamation's main home page, the guidebook's front page, tours, and a site map.
The left side shows headers and side comments. Click on navigate in the page-- to go back to the page's contents. The right contains the main text. Links followed by an will lead to a dictionary of terms. (This is a bit large--please allow 20 seconds to download). If you want more information on a specific term, go to the site map (for major concepts) or the terms (for links to further information).
Go On:
The last section on each page is Go On. This provides the links on any tour and a default "linear" path through the work.

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navigate in the page--Steering Through the Site

The guidebook is designed to provide clear decisionmaking steps and the tools and concepts needed to go through them.

You have can use several tools to travel through the site:

Take a tour. We have 5 tours available for different audiences. Choose which one you would like. The tour page provides a detailed itinerary along the way. Once at a stop, you can scroll to the bottom of the page (or click "Go On") and click the appropriate tour icon for the next page.
Follow related links. This will let you explore related concepts and get a sense for the connections between needed elements and steps. If you use our defined colors, visited links are black to make it easier to read the text. However, please don't hesitate to traverse a link again--you might see something in a new light.
Read through the list of decision process terms to find links to areas you are interested in.
Go On Links:
Each page comes with a "default" previous and next page. You can continue in a somewhat arbitrary order. However, this default path is designed for the ease of the user--rather than any real linear order, so you may find yourself doubling back. If you have already been through most of the places, you can go to the site map.
Use the site map (the link at the top of the page) to get a list of contents and find new places. All pages are listed on the site map.

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navigate in the page--A Philosophical Approach

No one can provide an exact cookbook--every process is different.

The guidebook is organized to allows readers to use it in any way they see fit:

  • Framework for a study
  • Backup checklist,
  • Way to explain the decision process, etc.

Instead of forcing you to go through a linear path, we provide the opportunity to explore. This is set up to surf and find build connections between ideas in a complex process.

Be warned, however. Hypertext is driven and defined by the reader. You cannot expect to have the same experience going through the web site and as reading the guide--or as any other person going through this web site.

A few words of advice:

  • Paths and tours set through this hypertext are by nature arbitrary. Something has to come after something. Yet concepts apply in many different areas. Please stray off the paths!

  • Only go to the level that you need to. Think about your process and determine what information is relevant for you.

  • There are about 150 pages and over 2,000 links--provided so that you can see the interconnections. Links show direct relationships and interconnections.

  • Some concept trails may seem to be closed loops. In this case, go back to the site map and pick another path. Look at where you are in the decision process to determine where to go next.

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navigate in the page--Go On

We have set this up so that you can find the concept that you need. If it isn't there, let us know.

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