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This information is intended to convey the underlying concepts for Reclamation's decision processes. It is not mandatory.
See the Reclamation Manual for official Reclamation-wide requirements.

Reclamation's Decision Process Guide

Handling Success

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Solving any problem in today's complex world is a major achievement. Recognize the planning, work, and sheer determination that went into the process. Let everyone know what happened and why. Celebrate your success!!

Once you have successfully set up an ongoing solution, don't just walk away!

Take the success into other problem-solving efforts
Use what you have learned and let others know about it too. Remember, though, that every process is unique.
Integrate the solution into other programs and processes.
Analyze your success and other successes to see what you can transfer. Each problem will incorporate successful elements in a different way. Don't assume that your success will automatically transfer to the next problem.
Advise others.
Take some time with core team members to see what worked and what didn't. Share these lessons with others--it will save them time and money. Tney will probably return the favor and give you pointers, too.
Advertise the success.

Leadership in organizations can identify and promote success thus setting expectations for the organization.

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GeneralResults of the Decision Process

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