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This information is intended to convey the underlying concepts for Reclamation's decision processes. It is not mandatory.
See the Reclamation Manual for official Reclamation-wide requirements.

Reclamation's Decision Process Guide

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Implementors*definition are people who take actions on a day-to-day basis needed for the solution to be put in place. See Step 9, Implementation.

Implementors are the decisionmakers from the selecting the solution through implementation to monitor and follow up.

You may not know the precise implementor, but you can determine the type of implementor. In an administrative decision, talk with a typist who has done similar work. If it's a canal, talk with a ditchrider who has been in the area.

Blacksmiths who talk to knights before making the armor usually get more repeat customers.

Associated actions may have different groups of interconnected implementors. You will need their input and commitment throughout your process to translate the decision into action. Involve key people who might be doing the work to:

Implementors may find it necesary to innovate and revisit decisions based on local realities and situations not considered in the original decision. This improves customer service. If the core team documents and communicates the process by which the original decision was made, they are better able to deal with problems.

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