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The Bureau of Reclamation's Environmental Applications and Research Group has a reputation for doing high quality work responsive to the needs of our clients. Our staff cooperates with local, State and other Federal agencies, and some foreign governments, as well as with our field and regional offices to help provide a better understanding of ecosystems and their functions on Reclamation projects.

Environmental Impact Assessment Studies

We conduct environmental impact assessment studies associated with Reclamation's and other Federal agencies' compliance requirements under the National Environmental Policy Act, Endangered Species Act, Clean Water Act, and other legislation. Our staff has extensive experience in evaluating project effects on anadromous and resident fisheries, raptors, waterfowl, and neotropical migrant songbirds, wetlands and riparian habitats, and desert ecosystems.

Analytical Chemistry & Environmental Research

Our group uses state of the art technologies to offer better and lower cost analyses of water, soil, plant and animal tissue, and other related environmental samples. This information helps Reclamation better understand, protect, and enhance water quality and other other environmental conditions.

Aquatic Site Pest Management

Our group develops and coordinates Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques for use with water transport and storage systems. These studies assist in operational efficiency of these systems as well as help reduce adverse environmental impacts, such as those caused by noxious weeds and pests.

Reservoir Monitoring & Research

Reservoir research is an important component of properly operating and managing many of Reclamation's 350 reservoirs and associated water systems. Our ongoing research lends itself to the protection and improvement of reservoir water quality as well as related environmental, recreational, and fishery values.

Riparian & Wetland Studies

Our riparian and wetland research combines numerous scientific and engineering disciplines to help understand and manage natural riparian and wetland ecosystems.

Water Quality Monitoring & Improvement

A sound understanding of the ecology of streams, rivers, lakes, and reservoirs is necessary to optimize water system operation for the protection of aquatic environments and to support the multiple resource values of Reclamation projects. Our ecological research in this area involves both natural and regulated systems and is studied in both field and laboratory settings.

Information icon For more information on services provided by the Environmental Applications and Research Group, please call us at (303) 445-2178 or send e-mail to Chris Holdren at GHoldren@usbr.gov. Questions or comments regarding this page should be addressed to Pete Martin at PLMartin@usbr.gov.

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