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Technical Service Center

Water Conveyance Group

Tim Brown, Manager (TBrown@usbr.gov)
Phone: 303-445-3709  
Building 67, 4th Floor, 86-68140
Denver Federal Center, Denver, Colorado 80225-0007

The Water Conveyance Group produces designs, appraisal studies, and feasibility studies for pipelines, canals, fish passage facilities, diversion structures, roads, and bridges. Some of the group’s current projects include Navajo Nation Municipal Pipeline, Battle Creek Hydropower Facilities, Folsom JFP Feasibility, and the All American Canal Drop 2 Reservoir Feasibility Study.

See our sites on tunnels and pipelines.

The roadway design functions of the Group incorporate numerous Federal, State, and local standards, as well as American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) policies, to ensure safe and efficient access roads, public roads, and detours. Environmental considerations are also addressed and impacts mitigated. The Group also rehabilitates and improves existing roads, parking areas, and service yards and repairs damage to these features caused by floods or landslides; railroad designs have even been completed by this Group.

Bridge designs provided by the Group range from concrete box culverts to single span bridges to multispan continuous bridges, incorporating long span structural elements.

This Group also provides engineering support, including studies, design, and analysis in water conveyance systems and facilities. This includes items such as:

The facilities may be for municipal, industrial, or irrigation use, power development (including pumped storage), diversions, and recharge of depleted ground-water aquifers.

Planning engineering activities are conducted in concert with field personnel and a diverse range of professional disciplines to coordinate and integrate physical (ecology, hydrology, geology, and structural) parameters and social, political, and environmental intangibles into viable alternative solutions.