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Technical Service Center

Client Support Office

Group Manager — Christi Young
TSC Business Manager — Tom Luebke

Client Liaisons and Budget Support Staff

The Client Liaisons and Budget Support Staff serve as budget contact resources for clients and TSC team leaders. In particular:

Client Liaisons:

  • Serve as a primary point of contact
  • Establish and maintain client relationships with TSC
  • Facilitate development and peer review of Service Agreements
  • Open and close WOIDS
  • Monitor overall status of client work
  • Answer questions related to output from reporting systems

Budget Support Staff:

  • Assist team leaders in Service Agreement input to NewMIS
  • Support Client Liaisons and TSC business operations
  • Establish JCNs for non-Reclamation work
  • Process cost transfers, fees, and E-TAS corrections
  • Answer questions about NewMIS, IMPROMPTU, and FFS
  • Reconcile charge card transactions
  • Run customized reports upon request

In addition, this group maintains the K88 working capital fund, under which the TSC operates and coordinates various internal functions.

Funding for the Client Liaisons and Budget Support Staff — Beginning in FY 2013, this expense no longer needs to be added separately to most service agreements.  The one exception will be a $500 fee to be charged for all Non-Reclamation work.

The tables below list the liaisons and assistants for various TSC clients and internal functions. 

Client or Program Client Liaison Program Assistant or Analyst
GP Region Mike Horn Emily Rademacher
LC Region Connie Svoboda Susan Ocana
MP Region Dan Maag Janice Carson
PN Region Paula Engel Elizabeth Snodgrass
UC Region Jan Oliver Emily Rademacher
International Affairs and Native American Affairs Michael Weems Emily Rademacher
Policy and Administration (P&A) (includes Manuals and Standards) Christi Young Elizabeth Snodgrass
Policy and Administration Office Dianne Parson Elizabeth Snodgrass
All Safety, Security and Law Enforcement (SSLE) Programs, including:
    • SEED/SOD
    • BIA
    • Dam Safety
Karen Weghorst Susan Ocana
Science & Technology Jacque Wright Janice Carson
Other Reclamation Offices (Technical Resources, MSO, etc.) Dianne Parson Emily Rademacher
Non-Reclamation clients;
Other Government Agencies
Dianne Parson Elizabeth Snodgrass
K88 (TSC Working Capital Fund) Jacque Wright

Internal Assistance Contact
Financial management systems (NEWMIS / IMPROMPTU / ESAM Any Client Liaison or Program Assistant.
FOIA / Audit TSC coordination Christi Young
E-TAS / timekeeping Contact E-TAS Control Center person assigned to each Division or Elizabeth Snodgrass
IDIQ contract (COR) Phoebe Percell (COR)
Bank card cost allocation:
    • 86-68100
    • 86-68200
    • 86-68300
    • 86-68400
Emily Rademacher
Janice Carson
Susan Ocana
Elizabeth Snodgrass
Standard budget reports Andrea Moore

Contact Information:

Name Group E-mail Address Phone
Janice Carson 86-68010 JCarson@usbr.gov 3466
Paula Engel 86-68212 PEngel@usbr.gov 2732
Mike Horn 86-68220 MHorn@usbr.gov 2203
Dan Maag 86-68170 DMaag@usbr.gov 3084
Andrea Moore 86-68010 AMoore@usbr.gov 2952
Susan Ocana 86-68010 SOcana@usbr.gov 3178
Karri J. (Jan) Oliver 86-68240 KOliver@usbr.gov 2281
Dianne Parson 86-68010 DParson@usbr.gov 2302
Phoebe Percell 86-68110 PPercell@usbr.gov 3253
Tyna Petersen 86-68010 TPetersen@usbr.gov 2573
Emily Rademacher 86-68010 ERademacher@usbr.gov 3445
Elizabeth Snodgrass 86-68000 ESnodgrass@usbr.gov 2720
Connie Svoboda 86-68460 CSvoboda@usbr.gov 2152
James (Michael) Weems 86-68410 JWeems@usbr.gov 3617
Karen Weghorst 86-68250 KWeghorst@usbr.gov 2548
Jacque Wright 86-68010 JRWright@usbr.gov 2604
Christi Young 86-68010 CYoung@usbr.gov 2561