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Recreation Facility Design Guidelines

View or download a PDF file of the entire Guidelines (23 MB).

View or download the Appendices Figures as AutoCAD files (35KB to 3,113KB):
(Note:  These figures can also be viewed within the PDF file referenced above, which includes links to the corresponding AutoCAD file for each drawing.)

Appendix A - Entrance Station (CAD files)
Figure A-1a:  Small Entrance Station Booth, Floor Plan
Figure A-1b:  Small Entrance Station Booth, Front Elevation
Figure A-1c:  Small Entrance Station Booth, Rear Elevation
Figure A-1d:  Small Entrance Station Booth, Side Elevation "A"
Figure A-1e:  Small Entrance Station Booth, Side Elevation "B"
Figure A-2a:  Self-Service Fee Depository

Appendix B - Camping and Picnicking Facilities (CAD files)
Figure B-1a:  Back-In Campsite Parking Spur, Single Unit, Plan View
Figure B-1b:  Back-In Campsite Parking Spur, Double Unit, Plan View
Figure B-1c:  Back-In Campsite Parking Spur, Accessible Unit, Plan View
Figure B-2a:  Pullthrough Campsite Parking, Plan View
Figure B-2b:  Accessible Pullthrough Campsite Parking, Plan View
Figure B-3a:  Decomposed Granite Use Pad, Section View
Figure B-3b:  Concrete Use Pad
Figure B-4a:  Pedestal Grill Installation, Elevation View
Figure B-4b:  Accessible Site Pedestal Grill Installation, Elevation View
Figure B-4c:  Group Shelter Pedestal Grill Installation, Accessible Site, Elevation View
Figure B-5a:  Fire Ring Installation (Nonaccessible), Elevation View
Figure B-5b:  Fire Ring Installation, Accessible Site, Elevation View
Figure B-6a:  Concrete Elevated Tent Pad, Plan View
Figure B-6b:  Concrete Elevated Tent Pad (Accessible), Section View
Figure B-6c:  Wood Elevated Tent Pad, Elevation View
Figure B-7a:  Gravel Splash Basin (Nonaccessible), Plan View
Figure B-7b:  Water Hydrant Installation (Nonaccessible), Elevation View
Figure B-8a:  Campsite Sewer Drop, Section View

Appendix C - Trailer and Dump Stations (CAD files)
Figure C-1a:  Accessible Trailer Dump Station Overall Layout, Plan View
Figure C-1b:  Trailer Dump Station Detail, Plan View

Appendix D - Comfort Station Buildings (CAD files)
Figure D-1a:  3-Unit Restroom Demolition Plan
Figure D-1b:  Accessible Retrofit of 2-Unit Restroom
Figure D-1c:  2-Unit Restroom Demolition Plan
Figure D-1d:  Accessible Retrofit of 1-Unit Restroom
Figure D-2a:  Preferred Comfort Station, Floor Plan
Figure D-2b:  Preferred Comfort Station with Showers and Laundry, Floor Plan
Figure D-3a:  Single Vault Toilet Building, Side and End Elevations
Figure D-3b:  Double Vault Toilet Building, Floor Plan
Figure D-3c:  Double Vault Toilet Building, Front Elevation
Figure D-3d:  Double Vault Toilet Building, Back Elevation
Figure D-3e:  Double Vault Toilet Building, Side Elevation

Appendix E - Boating Facilities (CAD files)
Figure E-1a:  Tire Breakwater
Figure E-2a:  Boat Launching Ramp Placed Above Existing Water Surface, Section View
Figure E-2b:  Boat Launching Ramp Placed Below Existing Water Surface, Section View
Figure E-3a:  Floating Restroom (Nonaccessible), Plan View
Figure E-3b:  Floating Restroom (Nonaccessible), Side Elevation
Figure E-3c:  Floating Restroom (Nonaccessible), End Elevation

Appendix F - Fishing Facilities (CAD files)
Figure F-1a:  Fish Cleaning Station with Shelter (Nonaccessible), Section View
Figure F-1b:  Fish Cleaning Station with Shelter (Nonaccessible), Utility Plan
Figure F-2a:  Accessible Fishing Ramp, Site Plan
Figure F-2b:  Accessible Fishing Ramp, Fishing Pad, Section View
Figure F-2c:  Accessible Fishing Ramp, Trail, Section View
Figure F-2d:  Accessible Fishing Ramp, Rail Fence, Detail
Figure F-2e:  Accessible Fishing Ramp, Rail Connection, Detail
Figure F-2f:  Accessible Fishing Ramp, Typical Fishing Pad
Figure F-2g:  Accessible Fishing Ramp, Concrete End Wall, Section

Appendix G - Trails (CAD files)
Figure G-1a:  Viewing/Accessible Fishing Turnout - Accessible Surface
Figure G-1b:  Viewing/Accessible Fishing Turnout - Concrete
Figure G-2a:  Accessible Aggregate Trail, Section View
Figure G-2b:  Accessible Concrete Trail, Section View

Appendix H - Recreation Area Roads and Utilities (CAD files)
Figure H-1a:  Road Closure Gate, Elevation
Figure H-1b:  Road Closure Gate, Plan with Anchor Post
Figure H-2a:  Universal Accessible Parking Space
Figure H-2b:  Van Accessible Parking Space
Figure H-2c:  Car Accessible Parking Space
Figure H-3a:  Buried Utility Line, Section View
Figure H-4a:  Above Ground Propane Tank Enclosed with Fence
Figure H-4b:  Above Ground Propane Tank Concrete Pad, Plan View
Figure H-5a:  Steel Guard Post, Detail
Figure H-6a:  Concrete Accessible Ramp
Figure H-6b:  Accessible Ramp at Ends of Concrete Walks

Appendix I - Wildlife Observation Facilities (CAD files)
Figure I-1a:  Wildlife Observation Blind, North Elevation (Wall Only)
Figure I-1b:  Wildlife Observation Blind, West Elevation
Figure I-1c:  Wildlife Observation Blind, Bend Location Plan
Figure I-1d:  Wildlife Observation Blind, Duck Viewing Bench