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Lowell Pimley, P.E.
Acting Commissioner

Lowell Pimley, P.E., is acting Commissioner of the Bureau of Reclamation.

Pimley previously served as the Bureau of Reclamation's Deputy Commissioner of Operations. He oversaw operations in Reclamation's five regions, the Native American and International Affairs Office, and Technical Resources, which includes the Technical Service Center, Research and Development Office, Power Liaison and Dam Safety Officer/Design, Estimating, Construction.

Prior to his appointment to Deputy Commissioner of Operations in January 2013, Pimley was the Director of the Technical Service Center and spent his career conducting and coordinating planning studies, design and construction support on a variety of water resources and related projects. He was named Director in 2008.

He joined Reclamation in 1980 as a civil engineer where he developed and directed designs on project features ranging from tunnels to bridges to large pipeline systems. Over the years his responsibilities expanded to include project reviews for domestic and international civil works projects as well as policy development for Reclamation's planning, design, cost estimating, and construction programs.

He has bachelors and masters degrees in Civil Engineering from Montana State University earned in 1978 and 1979 respectively. He has been a Registered Professional Engineer in Colorado since 1985.