Work at Pineview Winding Down for Winter

Media Contact: Rick Scott, (801) 379-1074
Don Merrill, (801) 379-1074

For Release: November 05, 2003

The Bureau of Reclamation and its contractor, W.W. Clyde & Company have completed the downstream deep excavation within the soldier pile walls at Pineview Dam and removed the potentially liquefiable material. Soldier pile walls are supports to hold the soil vertical while work in the excavation is conducted. This area is being backfilled with denser, select backfill, and the soldier pile wall is being removed as the backfill comes up. The crest wall is complete and zoned embankment material is being placed. The contractor anticipates working as long as possible until weather forces them to shut down. There should be about three months of work beginning in May to complete the project.

In the past year, Reclamation, with the effort of its contractors, and the patience of Liberty, Eden, Huntsville, Ogden and other affected residents, managed to get the road open for traffic more consistently, install new radial gates, install dewatering wells, pave the road, install anchor bolts in the spillway walls, install anchor beams in the spillway gate and tie those beams to the reinforced wall, replace the gate house, construct the embankment wall for emergency freeboard, and begin deep excavation on the downstream side.

During all of this, the Reclamation, in cooperation with the Weber Basin Water Conservancy District and the Ogden River Water Users Association, was able to deliver, uninterrupted, this year's full allocation of water. And, no water needed to be released to conduct the work. Throughout this process, Reclamation has endeavored to hear and address the concerns of residents living near, and affected by the work. We appreciate the cooperation and comments of all.

This work should be concluded by the end of August or early September 2004. This will be the last update until the pace of work picks up in the spring. Those with questions or concerns regarding the work may contact Don Merrill at the Provo Area Office of the Bureau of Reclamation at (801) 379-1074 or

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