Investigative Work to Begin at Hyrum Dam

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Don Merrill, (801) 379-1074

For Release: January 14, 2004

Snow removal at Hyrum Dam begins today, Wednesday, January 14th, as part of investigative work to be conducted by the Bureau of Reclamation. This work is under the aegis of the ongoing Safety of Dams program; the result of the 1978 Safety of Dams act. The program ensures that Reclamation facilities do not present unacceptable risks to public safety, property, or welfare. This is accomplished by identifying structures that without modification, would pose unacceptable risks.

In 1990, a Rehabilitation and Betterment (R&B) Program was started to repair a number of features at the dam that had deteriorated due to age. The work included spillway maintenance and refurbishment of radial gates, hoists and the gate electrical control system. As a result of a 2003 Comprehensive Facility Review of Hyrum dam, questions were raised about stilling basin and spillway chute integrity, as well as voids along the lower ends of the spillway walls. Further investigations with ground penetrating radar revealed several voids as well as a broken open - joint clay tile pipe beneath the spillway.

The anticipated remedial repairs consist of inserting filtered drain pipes into the existing toe drain system, drilling holes through the spillway floor and wall slabs, injecting sand or grout slurry into the voids, monitoring the floor slabs for movement.

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