CVP Water Supply Allocation Increases Another 5 Percent For Water Year 2003

Media Contact: Jeffrey McCracken, 916-978-5100

For Release: July 02, 2003

Reclamation today announced an additional 5 percent increase in water supply to agricultural and municipal and industrial (M&I) contractors south of the Delta from the Federal Central Valley Project (CVP), bringing the allocation to agricultural contractors to 75 percent and M&I to 100 percent. Reclamation's official allocation uses the 90 percent exceedence forecast, which is based on an increase from a below normal year classification in May to an above normal year classification in June.

At this time, the CVP Cross Valley Canal Contractors will receive an in-Delta water supply of 75 percent. This water supply is dependent upon the availability of adequate capacity to convey the water through State Water Project pumping and conveyance facilities.

The water supply allocation for the CVP East Side Division contractors will remain at 10,000 acre-feet or 6 percent of their contract amount. This water supply allocation is based on New Melones Reservoir storage and the inflow to New Melones Reservoir.

In cooperation with CALFED agencies, Reclamation has developed and implemented an operations plan for 2003 that supports water supply reliability and fishery protections and restoration needs. The current plan employs water augmentation tools reflected in the forecast including use of the Environmental Water Account assets to satisfy potential late spring export curtailments at the CVP Tracy Pumping Plant and efficient utilization of San Luis Reservoir storage.

The Friant Division deliveries for Water Year 2003 are projected to be 1,212,000 acre-feet or 81 percent of the historic water supply of 1.5 million acre-feet. The current allocation for Friant Division contractors is 100 percent of Class 1 water and 5 percent of Class 2 water. However, Reclamation also delivered to the Class 2 contractors approximately 342,000 acre-feet of Class 2 water pursuant to uncontrolled season operations. The uncontrolled season, or flood operations, ran from April 22 to May 22, 2003, and June 3 to June 16, 2003.

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