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For Release: April 15, 2004

The Bureau of Reclamation has temporarily closed the Pleasure Cove Resort (Resort), located at Lake Berryessa, Calif. The Resort's concessionaire, Mr. Richard DeLooze, passed away on December 16, 2003, resulting in the contract for the operation and maintenance of the Resort going to his Estate. Reclamation has attempted to identify an executor for the Estate, but no legal representative has stepped forward to take responsibility for the Resort. Additionally, Napa County has notified Reclamation that property taxes have not been paid by the concessionaire, resulting in a tax lien being imposed on the Resort's property. For these reasons, the Estate has defaulted on the Resort's Concession Agreement with Reclamation, resulting in termination of the Agreement on April 14, 2004.

Reclamation has been exploring options to keep the Resort open and provide recreational services on an interim basis. Several potential Resort operators have been identified, and Reclamation has been working to finalize an interim contract. Once an interim contract can be finalized, the Resort can be reopened. Reclamation is unable to operate the Resort without a qualified operator, due in large part to potential liability and financial considerations.

While the Resort is closed, the concession facilities, private trailers, and docks will not be available for use by the permittees or the general public. Resort employees will remain to maintain the facilities, and 24-hour security will be onsite. During the closure, only permittees will be allowed to enter the Resort to remove personal property. The removal of trailers will require proper permits issued by Napa County and the California Department of Transportation.

For further information, please call Mr. Tim Wakefield at the Lake Berryessa Field Office at 707-966-2111, x105, or e-mail twakefield@mp.usbr.gov.

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