Reclamation Licenses New Technology to Measure Magnetic Field in Generators

Media Contact: Peter Soeth, (303) 445-3615

For Release: June 27, 2005

The Bureau of Reclamation has signed a licensing agreement with Iris Engineering to market a Flexible Printed Circuit Magnetic Flux Probe. The probe is designed to monitor the magnetic field in the air-gap between the rotor and stator of generators and motors.

The flux probe is printed on a flexible circuit board substrate and is easy to mount. The probe also will not damage the generator should it becomes dislodged while the generator is operating. The device allows for both relative and absolute calibration, and it is more accurate than conventional methods of measuring magnetic fields in generators.

When used with condition monitoring devices, this flux probe could help avoid a costly generator failure and also will reduce routine maintenance requirements.

The probe was invented by three employees, Jim DeHaan, Malin Jacobs, and Bert Milano. Reclamation's Science and Technology Program funded the development and testing of the probe. Reclamation and the inventors were granted a Patent for this probe in 2002.

This technology transfer is authorized under the Federal Technology Transfer Act, as amended.

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