Emergency Repairs at Deer Flat Dam are Substantially Complete

Media Contact: Diana Cross, (208) 378-5020
Jerry Gregg, (208) 383-2246

For Release: June 03, 2005

Substantial progress has taken place at the Upper Embankment of Deer Flat Dam since emergency actions started over two weeks ago, according to the Bureau of Reclamation.

Recent investigations had revealed weak areas in the foundation beneath the conduit to the Caldwell canal outlet works, which required immediate attention. The dam is located southwest of Nampa, Idaho.

The contractor, Macro-Z Technology, placed nearly 45,000 cubic yards of fill material around the outlet works to reinforce the embankment and foundation around the structure.

"Throughout the process, Reclamation was monitoring the dam around the clock," said Jerrold Gregg, Snake River Area Office Manager. "Now that emergency measures are near completion, we can relax the inspection schedule, although we will continue to watch the dam closely," he added.

Gregg also said Reclamation engineers would spend the summer working on plans for a permanent modification to the dam to ensure its continued safe operation in the future.

Water will be released from the reservoir for irrigation needs by way of pumps which will provide water to the Caldwell Canal. Irrigation operations will continue under the direction of the Boise Board of Control, which manages irrigation operations for several irrigation districts downstream.

Road access across the dam will be reopened during the day once construction is completed, although the boat ramp will remain closed due to public safety concerns. Recreation and lake access are still available in other areas around Lake Lowell.

Reclamation will continue to coordinate with the Canyon County Commissioners, Deer Flat National Wildlife Refuge, local law enforcement, and the state of Idaho to ensure that the public is informed of the progress, Gregg said. Visitors to the Deer Flat National Wildlife Refuge are asked to contact the refuge at (208) 467-9278 for information about their operation schedule.

Lake Lowell is an offstream reservoir formed by three earthfill dams, Upper, Middle , and Lower Embankments, southwest of Nampa, Idaho. Lake Lowell was constructed by the Bureau of Reclamation in 1908 as a feature of the Boise Project.

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