Bighorn River Basin Snowmelt Runoff Forecast

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For Release: April 01, 2005

The Wyoming Area Office of the Bureau of Reclamation in Mills, Wyoming, has prepared snowmelt runoff forecasts for the Shoshone and Wind Rivers of the Bighorn River Basin, according to John H. Lawson, Wyoming Area Manager. The April 1, forecast of the spring snowmelt runoff is below average for all areas.

The Bighorn Basin forecast indicates inflows from the Shoshone River to Buffalo Bill Reservoir during the April through July period will be 400,000 acre-feet (60% of average), compared to a 30-year average of 662,600 acre-feet.

The Wind River portion of the Bighorn River Basin April through July inflow forecast includes the snowmelt runoff into Bull Lake Reservoir from Bull Lake Creek, which is expected to be 135,000 acre-feet (97% of average), and the snowmelt runoff in the Wind River above Bull Lake Creek, which is expected to be 290,000 acre-feet (70% of average). The expected inflows to Boysen Reservoir for the April through July period are 400,000 acre-feet (70% of average).

Although reservoir conditions are generally above average at this time, inflows are forecasted to be far below normal. Conservation remains an important aspect of the operations this year due to the continued low inflow conditions forecasted.

The Bureau of Reclamation will update the inflow forecasts again in May and June.

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