New Mid-Pacific Region Director David Murillo Committed to Working with Partners, Moving Forward on Many Priorities

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For Release: December 18, 2012

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – David Murillo, the former deputy commissioner of operations for the Bureau of Reclamation in Washington, D.C., officially assumed the responsibilities of director of the Mid-Pacific Region today.

The Region encompasses 11 water projects across the northern two-thirds of California, most of western Nevada and part of southern Oregon. The Region includes California’s Central Valley Project, one of the largest and highest-profile, multi-purpose water projects in the nation.

Reclamation Commissioner Michael Connor announced last month that Murillo would succeed Don Glaser as Region director, stating that “Mr. Murillo brings into this new position a long history of working collaboratively with Reclamation’s customers and stakeholders.” Glaser has become a special assistant to the commissioner in Reclamation’s Denver office.

Murillo said that during his duties and travel as former deputy commissioner of operations, he developed a deep appreciation for the complexities and responsibilities of overseeing the Region.

“I am committed to the challenge of maintaining the balance of competing needs for water in the Mid-Pacific Region, of fostering the relationships and partnerships essential to cooperation and accomplishments, and of carefully managing the natural resources entrusted to us,” said Murillo.

Murillo has been meeting with the Region’s management team regarding short-term and long-term water supply reliability and environmental restoration. Murillo has extensive knowledge of water and related resources policy, water and power system operation and maintenance, and ecosystem recovery. He has held several positions within Reclamation and has varied experience working with Reclamation partners and stakeholders.

“I put a high priority on accountability. I always hold myself accountable and I also want to make sure that our customers and stakeholders can hold us accountable,” said Murillo. “We will be transparent in our decision-making.”

Murillo was named deputy commissioner for operations in September 2010. He oversaw operations in Reclamation's five regions that encompass 17 western states, the Native American and International Affairs Office, and Technical Resources, which includes the Technical Service Center, Research and Development Office, Power Liaison and Dam Safety Officer/Design, Estimating and Construction.

Previously, Murillo served as the power manager for the Grand Coulee Power Office, the largest hydroelectric facility in the nation. He managed the Grand Coulee and Hungry Horse dams and power plants. Grand Coulee Dam is the key feature of Reclamation's Columbia Basin Project in central Washington, a multi-purpose project which provides flood control, irrigation, hydropower production, recreation, and fish and wildlife benefits.

Murillo joined Reclamation in 2000 as the manager of Reclamation's Yakima Field Office where he was responsible for the operation and maintenance of storage reservoirs, fish facilities, diversion dams and hydropower plants. He worked collaboratively to address the needs of irrigators, power interests and the Yakima Indian Nation.

Prior to joining Reclamation, Murillo worked for the Department of Defense and Department of Energy on nuclear controlled pure water and waste tanks, as well as steam plants.

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