Boise River Flows Set to Increase

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For Release: March 29, 2012

The Bureau of Reclamation and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers will increase flows from Lucky Peak Dam on Friday, March 30, to help reduce the risk of flooding this spring which can occur with precipitation and rapidly melting snow. The increased flows are due to near normal snow pack and above normal reservoir carryover.

Current water storage in the Boise River reservoirs is about 76 percent of capacity. Flows will increase by 500 cubic-feet-per-second on March 30 - 31, and April 3; reaching approximately 6,500 cfs at the Glenwood Bridge gauging station.

Flows could potentially increase to higher levels in coming months as system inflows increase. A flow rate of 7,000 cfs is considered flood-stage level at the Glenwood Bridge gauge.

Officials are advising people to be aware that flow increases will add to the water depth and velocity, making it more dangerous to be in the river. Water temperatures are very cold so precautions should be taken to avoid water contact without proper preparation.

"With the recent and predicted wet storm systems, along with the melting of the lower snow pack, the increased flows are needed," said Ryan Hedrick, hydrologist with Reclamation. "We want to prevent the reservoir system from filling too rapidly and avert the increasing risk of excessive high flows later in the runoff season between now and early July."

Water managers anticipate that a full supply of irrigation water will be available this season.

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