Reclamation Seeks Comments on Requirements for Water-Related Contracting Activities

Media Contact: Peter Soeth, 303-445-3615

For Release: September 29, 2011

The Bureau of Reclamation is seeking public comment on draft Reclamation Manual releases for water-related contracting activities. These draft releases provide definitions of key terms and revise existing definitions; restructure and clarify Reclamation's water transfer and conversion policy; and consolidate and set-out basic pricing requirements for water-related contracts.

Specifically, the four draft releases available for review are:

  • Draft RM Policy Water-Related Contract and Repayment General Principles and Requirements (PEC P05). It revises an existing policy by providing a number of definitions for terms of general application for water-related contracting purposes. "Irrigation" and "Municipal and Industrial" are defined in this draft Policy to adjust and clarify the distinction between them. This ensures that municipal and otherwise non-agricultural uses that involve irrigation, such as golf courses, parks and lawns are properly categorized as M&I uses.
  • Draft RM D&S Water Rates and Pricing (PEC 05-01). This will replace existing PEC 05-01 and addresses cost-recovery and rate-setting requirements for water-related contracts.
  • Draft RM Policy Transfers and Conversions of Project Water (PEC 09). This supersedes and replaces existing RM Policy Voluntary Transfers of Project Water (WTR P02). In combination with the new definitions in PEC P05 it realigns the water use categories, defines the basic options and requirements for transfers and conversions, and preserves Reclamation's support for beneficial transfers and conversions.
  • Draft RM D&S Conversions of Project Water from Irrigation Use to Municipal and Industrial Use (PEC 09-01) provides additional requirements for conversions of project water beyond the basic requirements provided in PEC P09. It addresses the contractual options and requirements for formalizing these conversions. It also covers the option of using the Sale of Water for Miscellaneous Purposes Act of 1920 for converting water from irrigation-only projects to Municipal and Industrial uses.

The Reclamation Manual is used to establish Reclamation requirements, assign program responsibility and establish and document Reclamation methods of doing business.

These Reclamation Manual updates are available for review at:

Comments or questions may be directed to Owen Walker at Comments must be received by Reclamation by 5 PM on October 28, 2011.

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