Lake Moovalya To Be Lowered 3 Feet in January

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For Release: December 14, 2007

Lake Moovalya, the small body of water impounded behind Headgate Rock Dam north of Parker, Arizona, will be lowered approximately three feet in elevation for a two-week period in January 2008.

The drawdown is scheduled to begin Sunday, January 6 at approximately 6 a.m. Mountain Standard Time (MST). The three-foot drop should be completed by about 2 p.m. MST, but if unfavorable conditions are encountered, the drawdown time could be extended.

During this two-week period, Lake Moovalya will be maintained at approximately elevation 361.40 or about three feet below its normal level.

The lake is expected to return to its normal elevation - 364.4 feet - by mid-afternoon on Saturday, January 19.

The drawdown will impact releases from Parker Dam or flows downstream of Headgate Rock Dam on the first and last day. On January 6, Reclamation will release less water from Parker Dam, and release more water from Lake Moovalya to meet required downstream requirements. During the refill process, Reclamation will release more water from Parker Dam to refill Lake Moovalya and still meet downstream requirements.

All river users should remember that fluctuating or lower than normal river flows may expose or create natural hazards such as moving sandbars, gravel bars, unstable riverbanks, floating or submerged debris, or other unfamiliar obstacles. As always, caution should be exercised while using the river.

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