Reclamation and Corps of Engineers Host Boise River Emergency Preparedness Exercise

Media Contact: John Redding, (208) 378-5212

For Release: May 06, 2003

The Bureau of Reclamation and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers will host a one-day emergency preparedness exercise on Friday, May 16 that is designed to test emergency communications procedures between various public and private agencies during a simulated disaster along the Boise River.

Under the conditions of the exercise, which will run from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., participants will be responding to a simulated disaster on the Boise River while at their normal workplace. The exercise will test communications between civil response teams and various federal agencies.

"Effective communications is essential during an emergency," said Evan Rasmussen, Reclamations exercise coordinator for the Snake River. "Public safety is our top priority when it comes to the management of dams, canals and river systems in the event of serious flooding, earthquake, or other disaster."

The simulation will include an emergency related to the operation of Anderson Ranch, Arrowrock, Lucky Peak, and Boise River Diversion dams, as well as the New York Canal.

"Each of these facilities is inspected regularly and is safe," said Rasmussen. "But disaster can take any number of forms and it's important that emergency response personnel have the information they need to respond effectively."

Reclamation owns and manages Arrowrock, Anderson Ranch, and Boise Diversion dams, while the US Army Corps of Engineers operates Lucky Peak Dam. The New York Canal is maintained by the Boise Project Board of Control, a management board that serves various irrigation districts in the Treasure Valley.

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