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Upper Colorado Contacts

Upper Colorado Region's home page

Telephone Number
Email Address
Brian Parry,
Upper Colorado
Region, Salt Lake
City, UT
(801) 524-3674 bparry@uc.usbr.gov
Brett Griffin, Native American Coordinator WCAO - Durango (970) 385-6531 bgriffin@usbr.gov
Cary Southworth,
Manager, Office of Engineering Division
Provo Area Office, Provo, UT (801) 379-1290 CSouthworth@usbr.gov
Roger Hansen, Group Chief of Planning Provo Area Office, Provo, UT (801) 379-1170 rhansen@uc.usbr.gov
Doug Dockter, Navajo Program Coordinatorr Farmington Construction Office (505) 324-5006 ddockter@usbr.gov
Vida Sanchez Civil Engineer, Native American Coordinator Albuquerque Area Office,
(505) 462-3545 vsanchez@usbr.gov


Last reviewed: 11/3/14