Native American Affairs

Tribal Self-Determination, Self-Governance

Indian Self-Determination and Education Assistance Act, P.L. 93-638 , as amended - Information on both Title I and Title IV is available by clicking here to link to Reclamation’s 638 intranet site.  It is contemplated that at some future time, Reclamation will have a similar site available on the internet.

[Note: Reclamation's "638" lead in the Native American and International Affairs Office is responsible for the content on the P.L. 93-638 site that you are about to go to.  Comments on the content on that site should be directed to at Kelly Titensor.  Alternately, comments may be sent to the contacts identified at the bottom of this page with a request that they be forwarded to the appropriate individual.]






Last Updated: 6/12/15