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Selected Policies, Guidance, and Procedures
for working with Federally Recognized Indian Tribes:

Government Performance and Results Act

Click here to link to Reclamation’s Government Performance and Results Act of 1993 (GPRA) home page , which includes links to Reclamation’s Strategic Performance Goals and Measures, and the Department of Interior’s Strategic Plan.   These documents can also be found on Reclamation’s GPRA intranet site, along with other information.

Note:  At this time, none of Reclamation’s strategic goals or measures pertain exclusive to Native Americans.   Rather, all Reclamation Native American Program accomplishments are incorporated into other FY 2011-2016 performance measures, which also include accomplishments from working with non-tribal entities.   Within the Department of Interior’s Strategic Plan, two goals pertain exclusively to Native Americans:  “Fulfill Indian Fiduciary Trust Responsibilities” and “Advance Quality Communities for Tribes and Alaska Natives,” while other goals include both accomplishments from activities with tribes and non-tribal entities.



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