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References for the Indian Policy of the Bureau of Reclamation

Title Link and Description Date
Reclamation's Indian Policy

Original letter from the Commissioner explains Reclamation's Indian Policy

Indian policy in PDF format

Feb 25, 1998
Government to Government Consultation and protocols




Administrative directives:

Executive Order 13175 Consultation and Coordination with Indian Tribal Governments *

November 6, 2000

Reclamation's Guidelines:

Reclamation's Protocol Guidelines: Consulting with Indian Tribal Governments

February 3, 1998 revised February 9, 2001
Indian Trust Assets

Departmental directives:


Departmental Manual:

Part 512 Chapter 2, Indian Trust Responsibilities *

December 1, 1995
Cultural Resources, Sacred Sites, and Human remains

Administrative directives:


Reclamation Manual :

Inadvertent Discovery of Human Remains on Reclamation Lands Directives and Standards LND 07-01
May 25, 2000

Cultural Resources Management Directives and Standards LND02-01

November 18, 1996

Administrative directives:



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