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Research Notes

Research notes are summaries or status updates of ongoing research at the Bureau of Reclamation. As these notes become available from mussel activities, they will be posted here.

Preliminary Evaluation of Quagga Mussel Fouling Potential for Cu-Ni (90-10) Wedge Wire Screen, January 2009
Domestic Supply Intake Modification to Enable Quagga Mussel Control, January 2009
Field Evaluation of Coatings to Deter Attachment of Quagga Mussels, January 2009
Quagga Mussel Control for Pipes Using Water Jetting, February 2009
Field Evaluation of Filtration to Exclude Quagga Mussels from Power Plant Raw Water Systems, April 2009Investigations to Assess Fish Predation on Quagga Mussels, August 2010

Last updated: 8/23/10