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Finance Accounting Division (84-27700)

Deborah Nicholson, Manager

Provide centralized accounting and financial operations, accounting systems support, and management information systems support to all Reclamation offices, and local support to the Denver office and the Commissioner's office in Washington, D.C.  Also provides technical support for Reclamation's budget formulation system (PABS).

Accounting Services Branch, 84-27710Sarah Mitchell, Manager

Provide accounting and financial management support services to the Denver and Washington offices.  This includes assistance with account structures, cost centers, object codes, fund control, general ledger and accounting transaction/variance analysis, cost transfers and corrections, cost allocations, interagency transactions, regulatory and management financial reports, fiscal year-end activities, audit support, and miscellaneous financial matters.  Serve as Working Capital Fund (WCF) Coordinator for the Denver and Washington offices, and provides for accounting support.

Reimbursable Accounting and Fiscal Services Section, 84-27711 – Darrel Redford, Manager

Processes billings and payments to other federal agencies for services provided according to terms identified in each inter-agency agreement.  Has responsibility for the reconciliation of Interior’s Intra-government transactions to the Federal Financial System (FFS).  Coordinates closing activities for Reclamation’s reimbursable programs, performs accounting and reporting of foreign activities, and manages the contract to maintain financial records for Reclamation’s Hazardous Waste Program services of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Responsible for Bureau wide monitoring of obligations and accruing expenditures.  Provides support to the preparation and audit of Reclamation’s annual financial statements.

Fiscal Services and Accounts Receivable Unit, 84-27712 –Vacant, Manager

Issues bills for collection, provides debt follow-up and transfer of delinquent debt to Treasury for offset, and records collection of funds for employee and program related debt.  Employee related debt includes salary and travel overpayments, health insurance premiums, unused travel advances, lost or damaged property, jury duty payments, etc.  Program related debt includes debt owed Reclamation for repayment of project construction costs, operations and maintenance costs, miscellaneous revenues, contract default charges, costs of responding to Freedom of Information Act requests, etc.

Financial Systems and Operations Branch, 84-27720 – Ishmael Ornelas, Manager

Provides Functional and Technical Support & Analysis to customers for critical Reclamation-wide financial systems including Federal Financial System (FFS); Program And Budget System (PABS); Financial Information Reporting System (FIRS); Financial Interactive Analysis System (Finian) and Reclamation Labor Cost program. This includes coordination of the nightly, monthly and annual processing cycles; identification, testing, and resolution of application problems; programming support for application reports; and security for BOR and FFS user-ids and profiles.  Also, provide functional and technical support for testing of the interface files from other systems such as Labor Cost, Fixed Assets Depreciation, Works, PABS, ASAP, Bank Card, GovTrip, IPAC, Voucher Express and Procurement Desktop into FFS.  Also provides functional, technical (programming) support for coordination of the annual closing process and Bureau Wide Reports.

Financial Operations Section, 84-27721 – Mark Sinkiewicz, Manager

Provides Reclamation – wide financial management and administrative support for payments.  Manages the activities and staff of the following functions: Accounts Payable (Vendor Payments), Travel, Cost Allocation  updates and month end processing, Labor Cost Interface corrections, and Reclamation-wide capitalized personal property reconciliation.

Accounts Payable and Travel Unit, 84-27722Robert Skaggs, Manager

Responsible for the obligation, accrual, travel processing, and payment of funds to vendors, contractors, grantees, and employees.

Responsible for developing and issuing Reclamation-wide travel policy, and reimbursement of temporary duty and permanent change of station travel costs.  Serves as liaison for travel services provided by the GSA contracted Travel Management Center(s).

Last updated: 5/22/2014