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The Bureau of Reclamation primarily operates in the 17 western states. Reclamation is dedicated to managing, developing, and protecting water resources in an environmentally sound manner in the interest of the American public. To accomplish its program activities, Reclamation purchases a wide range of products and services and is dedicated to providing outreach and assistance to businesses in support of various Federal socio-economic development programs. In addition, the Bureau of Reclamation provides financial assistance for many programs related to water management, conservation, Endangered Species Act mitigation, Rural Water, Water Reclamation and Reuse, and others.

For more information on doing business with us, see the subject specific pages on Acquisitions and Financial Assistance.

FY16 Reclamation Procurement Forecast (Excel - 260 KB)


BOR Small Business Program (WORD - 166 KB)

FY16 Forecast Instructions (WORD - 37 KB)

Selling to the Federal Government (Jan 2013) (PDF - 115 KB)

Small Business Specialist Directory (WORD - 121 KB)


American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) - Recipient Reporting Guidance


Last Updated: 6/24/16