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Automated Standard Application for Payments (ASAP)

Beginning in Federal Fiscal Year (FY) 2014 on October 1, 2013, the Bureau of Reclamation (Reclamation) will change its financial system from the Federal Financial System (FFS) to the Financial and Business Management System (FBMS).  As part of this transition, Reclamation will move financial assistance agreements (grants and cooperative agreements) and P.L. 93-638 contracts to the U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Automated Standard Application for Payments (ASAP), which is a Federal Government-wide system.  All organizations that Reclamation has a current agreement with, including but not limited to; State and local governments, Indian tribal governments, non-profits, and universities will be required to register in ASAP to receive funds from Reclamation.

What is ASAP?

For you to receive your payment, you must:

Common ASAP System Issues and Solutions for Recipients with Open Financial Assistance Agreements (Grants and Cooperative Agreements) and P.L. 93-638 Contracts:

  1. How does an organization enroll in ASAP?
    • To begin enrollment, please sumbit the ASAP.Gov Participation Request Form to BOR_ASAP_Enroll@usbr.gov.
    • The role of the Point of Contact is critical to the ASAP.gov enrollment process.
      • The RO Point of Contact confirms the information entered by the Agency’s Enrollment Initiator and is responsible for identifying for the recipient organization’s officials (Head of Organization, Authorizing Official, Financial Official, and additional Point of Contact).
      • The Head of Organization approves the officials identified by the Point of Contact. 
      • The Authorizing Official is responsible for confirming the recipient organization’s information and identifying the users (Payment Requestor or Inquirer) who need access to the ASAP.gov application.
      • The Financial Official is responsible for entering the bank account information for the recipient organization.
    • Once all of the above tasks are completed, ASAP will notify the Federal agency that the organization enrollment has been completed.
    • For additional information, Enrollment Common Questions, and Enrollment Handbook for Payment Requestor/Recipient Organization, please visit http://www.fms.treas.gov/asap

  2. Is action needed if my organization is already enrolled with Reclamation and/or Central Utah Project Completion Act (CUPCA)?
    • No action is needed if your organization is currently enrolled under the Agency Location Code (ALC) for Reclamation (ALC 14060905) and/or CUPCA (ALC 14060001).
  3. Is action needed if my organization is already enrolled with another Department of the Interior Bureau but not with Reclamation?
  4. Once the ASAP enrollment is complete, can my organization begin to drawdown funds from ASAP under Reclamation?
    • It takes the U.S. Treasury up to 10 business days to validate your banking information.  Only after this validation period will you be able to request and receive payment through ASAP for your active agreements with Reclamation.  Your agreements may not be automatically converted to ASAP payment until after Reclamation migrates to FBMS during October and November of 2013.  If you wish to utilize ASAP for payment prior to the migration, you must contact the Reclamation ASAP Help Desk at BOR_ASAP_Enroll@usbr.gov to request that your agreements are linked to ASAP and you must notify the Grants Officer(s) and/or Awarding Official(s) for your agreement(s).  Please note that your organization is not required to use ASAP until after November 2013 when Reclamation migrates to FBMS.

  5. What happens if there are over 90 days of inactivity in my ASAP account?
    • If you do not log into ASAP every 90 days to change your password, then ASAP will lock you out of the system.  To regain access, please call the U.S. Treasury’s Kansas City Financial Center at (816) 414-2100.  A representative from the U.S. Treasury will assess your unique situation and provide you with instructions on how to reactivate your ASAP account.


If the Common ASAP System Issues and Solutions above did not address your concerns, please send an email to BOR_ASAP_Enroll@usbr.gov with the information below or call 1-800-821-2886.

Organization Name:
Person to Contact:
Phone Number:
ASAP Recipient ID:
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