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AgriWater - Water and Agriculture


California Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom

Post Office Box 15949
Sacramento, CA 95852
(916) 561-5625 Fax: (916) 561-5697

What Do Plants Need To Grow?
Introduces primary students to plant growth requirements, including waterand methods of getting water to plants.
Grades 2-4
$10 plus tax

How Much is Too Much? How Little is Too Little?
A comprehensive teaching unit which integrates agricultural themes into science concepts. Discussion and activities on plant growth requirements, including water needs.
Grades 5-8
$10 plus tax

The Interrelationships of Soils, Water and Fertilizers and How they Affect Plant Growth
This comprehensive unit discusses the science of plant growth with activities that include water quantity and quality topics. Social sciences concepts are also integrated into the lessons through role-playing activities which ask students to become watershed managers.
Grades 9-12
$10 plus tax

Agricultural Water Fact/Classroom Activity Sheet
This fact and activity sheet provides educators with a brief but concise overview of California water as it relates to agriculture. Lesson ideas, fun fact quiz questions and a complete lesson plan are included with the activity sheet.
Grades K-12
One copy per teacher free