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Central California Area C Map
Central California - Area C
A small blue dot labeled C1. U.C. Santa Cruz, Arboretum

A small red dot labeled C2. San Benito County Water District Garden

A small dark blue dot labeled C4. Colony House Water Conserving Landscape

A small green dot labeled C5. Atascadero Lake Pavilion Demonstration Garden

A small orange dot labeled C6. Kern County Water Agency Admin. Building Grounds

A small black dot labeled C7. California Living Museum

A small brown dot labeled C8. U.C. Cooperative Extension Demonstration Garden

A small dark orange dot labeled C9. Santa Maria Valley Sustainable Garden

A small dark green dot labeled C10. Water Wise Garden

A small grey dot labeled C11. Mourning Cloak Ranch and Botanical Gardens

A small light green dot labeled C12. The Santa Barbara Botanic Garden

A small lavendar dot labeled C13. Firescape Demonstration Garden

A small olive green dot labeled C14. Alice Keck Park Low-water Using Demonstration Garden

A small grey blue dot labeled C15. Montecito Water District Xeriscape Demonstration Garden