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San Francisco Water Department's Garden for the Environment
Garden Address: 7th Ave. & Lawton
San Francisco 94124

Contact: Kim Knox

Phone: (415) 923-2473

Fax: (415) 771 - 4421

Mail Address: San Francisco Water Dept., 425 Mason, San Francisco, CA 94102

E-mail Address: Kimberley Knox@custsvcs.water.puc.ccsf

Sponsor: San Francisco Water Dept. & San Francisco League of Urban Gardeners

Days: daily

Hours: daylight hours

Fees: free

Size: 16,000 sq. ft.

Wheelchair Access: Yes

Directions: Take Highway 101/80 to 7th Street, take Market and Turn right on Van Ness. Follow Van Ness to Geary. Turn left on Geary and go to Presidio. Turn left on Presidio and follow till you reach Lawton. Turn left.

Description: This delightful garden is full of colorful eye-catching plants that will allow you to find wonderful ideas to create a beautiful yet resource efficient garden.

Features: Sections on various ways to compost and how to get rid of pests organically.

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