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A photograph of a grey slate walkway going around a flower bed.  There are low growing white flowers, several tall, spiky green and red bushes, and a rock with a blue plaque affixed to it.

A photograph of a palm tree lined sloped walkway, with extensive flower beds on either side of the walkway.  The flower beds have shrubs, tall spiky green plants, and low growing white flowers.  There is a train and a grey building on a hill in the background.

A photograph of a woman sitting on a boulder displaying a blue plaque, smiling into the camera.  The plaque states, the City of Anaheim dedicates this water wise garden to Sally White, September 1996.  There are more words on the plaque, but they are unreadable.

Anaheim's Waterwise Demonstration Garden
Garden Address: 2150 E. Katella Ave.
Anaheim 92806

Contact: Cathy Templeton

Phone: (714) 765-4256

Fax: (714) 765-4152

Mail Address: 201 S. Anaheim Blvd. Ste. 801, Anaheim, CA 92805

E-mail Address: cat@anaheim.net

Web Site: http://www.anaheimadvantage.com

Sponsor: Anaheim Public Utilities

Days: daily

Hours: open 24 hours per day

Fees: free

Size: 21,000 square feet

Wheelchair Access: Yes

Directions: Enter from Katella Avenue between the 57 Freeway and State College Blvd.

Description: Anaheim's Waterwise Demonstration Garden which borders the Amtrak Anaheim Station next to the Edison International Field of Anaheim, lends identity and prominence to the station while demonstrating to visitors water-efficient landscaping techniques. Upon viewing the garden, it becomes evident that water-efficient landscaping and irrigation techniques can produce a luxurious and abundant landscape.

Features: Anaheim's Waterwise Demonstration Garden features a covered patio, informative kiosks, plant ID signs, benches, 33 plant species, examples of appropriate mulch, use of flagstone as a hardscape, and water-efficient irrigation. At a ceremony held on September 10, 1998, Anaheim's Waterwise Garden was officially dedicated in honor of Sally White in recognition of her service and dedication to the beautification of the Anaheim community. Sally passed away in early 2001, but the garden will live on in her memory.

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