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Planning Assistance

Developing a water management plan for the first time can be intimidating. The terminology alone can be confusing. Fortunately, water conservation planning has been in effect for over a decade. This planning has led to the development of several tools to assist water conservation staff in preparing and implementing a water conservation plan. In addition, there are several trained personnel who can assist urban and agricultural water districts in developing their plans.

The materials consist of a guidebook providing step-by-step instructions on what information should be included in a water conservation plan. This guidebook takes the form of a manual, computer software and websites. Additional information is available to assist the water conservation planner in calculating the benefit cost ratio to determine if a Best Management Practices is feasible for a district to implement.

Trained personnel are available to assist districts with their water conservation plans. They can help with various portions of the plan development or can serve as the lead in developing the district's plan. Also, certain information required in a water conservation plan can be obtained from federal, state, and local agencies.