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Water Management Planner

The Mid-Pacific Region developed this Water Management Planner to assist water contractors in the preparation and implementation of Water Management Plans as required by the Reclamation Reform Act of 1982 and the Central Valley Project Improvement Act of 1992. The Water Management Planner is designed to be used by both agricultural and urban water contractors of all sizes and complexities.

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Planning Guidebook

Section 1 - Introduction (.pdf 43k)
Section 2 - Ag Table Instructions 2002 (.pdf 131k)
Section 3 - Urban Table Instructions (.pdf 127k)
Section 4 - Water Balance (.pdf 82k)
Section 5 - Plan Format Instructions (.pdf 19k)
Section 6 - Plan Guidebook (.pdf 464k)
Section 7 - Standard Criteria for Evaluating Water Management Plans (.pdf 349k)
Section 8 - Calibration & Measurement (.pdf 25k)
Section 9 - Helpful Websites (.pdf 25k)
Section 10 - QOs by Agnecy (.pdf 97k)

Water Management Plan Format

The Plan format has been provided for your convenience as a tool to prepare your Water Conservation Plan. In using this tool, we encourage you to personalize the Plan Format to fit your district's Water Conservation Plan. Use the sections of the Plan Format that you need.

Plan Format (.doc 464k)

Water Accounting

2002 Ag Tables (.xls 113k)
2002 Urban Tables (.xls 76k)

Supporting Reference Documents

BMP 5 Cost Analysis (.xls 26k)
Using the BMP Calculation Tables (11k)
BMP Calculation Tables (.xls 81k)
Canal Lining (.doc 160k)
Crop Form (.doc 21k)
Incentive Pricing (.pdf 138k)
Reservoir Lining (.doc 160k)