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Water Conservation Grant Programs

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Mission Statement
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Water Conservation Field Services Grant Program - The Water Conservation Field Services Grant Program is designed to encourage water conservation, assist water agencies to develop and implement effective water management and conservation plans, coordinate with State and other local conservation plan efforts, and generally foster improved water management on a regional, statewide and watershed basis.
Most Recent Grants Awarded (pdf - 257 KB) (508 Compliant/Not VI Compliant)

Non-interactive button CALFED Water Use Efficiency Grant Program - The CALFED Water Use Efficiency Grant Program (WUE) was established to develop a long-term comprehensive plan that will restore ecological health and improve water management for beneficial uses of the Bay-Delta system. A key element in of the CALFED program and mission is water use efficiency. The goal of the WUE Grant Program is to accelerate the implementation of cost-effective actions that provide state-wide benefits through water conservation. Water use efficiency can reduce the demand for Bay-Delta water and can result in significant benefits to water quality, water supply reliability, and in stream flows. 
Most Recent Grants Awarded (pdf - 25 KB) (508 Compliant/Not VI Compliant)

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WaterSMART Grant Program

WaterSMART grants are part of the strategic plan for implementing the Secure Water Act that includes the facilitation of basin-wide water management improvements.  The Water Conservation Initiative includes two types of Challenge Grants that focus on water conservation and water use efficiency:

1. Water and Energy Efficiency Grants: Emphasize water use efficiency projects that produce “real water savings,” improve water management by increasing the use of renewable energy or efficient energy use, address endangered species concerns, and create water banks/markets,

2. System Optimization reviews for system-wide efficiency planning.

Since 2004, WaterSMART has funded 167 projects that, when coupled with local cost-shares, represent approximately $241  million in water system and water management improvement across the West. 

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February 7, 2014