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Terminal Dam, Safety of Dams Project

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Boca Dam Terminal Dam

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Terminal Dam, Solano Project, California

Reclamation has initiated a Corrective Action Study (CAS) to identify and develop alternatives to strengthen Terminal Dam and reduce the risk of earthquake damage.  The dam is located in Solano County, California, off of Green Valley Road adjacent to the City of Fairfield.

Terminal Dam is located in a seismically active area associated with the Green Valley Fault. Through the Safety of Dams Program, Reclamation has identified conditions at Terminal Dam that require action to reduce risks. The CAS includes identification of potential corrective action alternatives, development of feasibility level designs, economic analysis of alternatives and environmental studies and documentation.

Terminal Dam is a feature of the Solano Project, a multipurpose development supplying water for agricultural and municipal and industrial purposes. Construction was completed in 1959. Terminal Dam and Reservoir are at the terminus of the Putah South Canal. The dam is formed by two 25-foot high earth-filled embankments which impound the 119 acre-foot reservoir.  Pumping plants located at the reservoir supply water to the City of Benicia and City of Vallejo.  The dam is owned by Reclamation and operated and maintained by the Solano Irrigation District under contract with the Solano County Water Agency.

For additional information, please contact MP Region Safety of Dams  or call  916-978-5537

Last updated on: February 13, 2013