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Stampede Dam, Safety of Dams Project

B.F. Sisk
Boca Dam
Non-interactive picture of Stampede Dam
Stampede Dam, Washoe Project, California

Stampede Dam is located on the Little Truckee River, approximately 10 miles northeast of Truckee, California. 

Background:  Reclamation performed risk analyses for seismic, hydrological and static failure modes for Stampede Dam between May 2003 and January 2004. The results indicated that Stampede Dam cannot safely pass floodwaters in accordance with Reclamation’s Public Protection Guidelines and that modifications are needed to prevent potential over-topping of the dam during an extreme flood event. Failure of Stampede Dam would result in the probable loss of life, failure of Boca Dam downstream, significant downstream property damage, and the loss of stored water for fishery enhancement along the Truckee River and Pyramid Lake Fishway facilities.

The preferred structural alternative to address the potential overtopping condition was identified in 2010 at the completion of Corrective Action Studies. This alternative involves raising the dam and dike 11.5 feet using mechanically stabilized earth construction techniques to temporarily store floodwaters. The spillway will be modified to accommodate the raised embankment and limit peak flows through the spillway to maintain current flood operations in the Little Truckee River. Two small earthen dikes will be constructed in low-lying areas on the south rim of the reservoir.

Status:  The project is currently in the Final Design phase of work. Environmental and Cultural Resources compliance is being prepared by Reclamation. The earliest that construction could take place is 2013-2014.



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Last updated on: May 2, 2013