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Shasta Lake Water Resources Investigation

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On July 29, 2015, Reclamation transmitted to Congress the Final Feasibility Report and Environmental Impact Statement for the Shasta Lake Water Resources Investigation.

The report describes the potential technical, environmental, economic, and financial evaluations prepared to date for alternatives to raise Shasta Dam, located approximately 10 miles northwest of Redding, Calif. The report also identifies next steps to identify construction cost share partners and project financing and develop the Recommended Plan.

The project is intended to increase water supply and water supply reliability for agricultural, municipal and industrial, and environmental purposes and increase survival of anadromous fish populations in the upper Sacramento River.

You can access the documents here:

For additional information or assistance, please contact:

Katrina Chow
Project Manager
916/978-5067 (office)
916/978-5094 (fax)
916/335-6227 (cell)
Louis Moore 
Public Affairs Specialist
916-978-5102 (office)
916-978-5114 (fax)
916-335-9755 (cell)

August 10, 2015

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