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2010 Accomplishments Report

2011 Accomplishments Report

2012 Accomplishments Report

2013 Accomplishments Report

215/Temporary Contracts

3404(c) of the Central Valley Project Improvement Act (CVPIA)

3405(a) Water Transfers

3406(b)(1) San Joaquin River Riparian Habitat Restoration Program

3406(b)(2) Management of Central Valley Project Improvement Act (CVPIA)

3406(b)(3) Water Acquisition Program

3406(d) Refuge Water Supply

3408(h) Land Retirement


About Reclamation

About MP Region

Acquisition Services

Addresses and Contacts

America's Great Outdoors

American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA)

American River Water Education Center

Annual Water Users Conference

Area Offices

Aspiring Leaders Program


Budget Activity Plan (BAP)

Bay Delta Office

Business and Economic Development Program

Business Opportunities & Construction Activities


Canal Safety

C.A.S.T. for Kids

Central California Area Office

Central Valley Operations Office

Central Valley Project

Central Valley Project Annual Ratebooks & Schedules

Central Valley Project Cost Allocation Study

Central Valley Project Conservation Program

Central Valley Project Financial Information

Central Valley Project Improvement Act

Central Valley Project Long-Term Water Transfer Program

Central Valley Project Municipal & Industrial Water Shortage Policy

Central Valley Project Ratebooks

Central Valley Project Water Accounting

Central Valley Project Water Allocation

Central Valley Project CVP Water Users/Contractors

Civil Rights Complaint

Civil Rights Office



CVP Financial Information


Dam Safety-Security Safety and Law Enforcement

Dataweb is now: Projects & Facilities - Dams, Reservoirs, Power Plants Info Database

Delta-Mendota Canal/California Aqueduct Intertie (Intertie)

Desert Terminal Lakes Program

Drought Program


East Park Reservoir Resource Management Plan (RMP)

Environmental Water Account

Efficiency, Transparency and Accountability (ETA)

Emergency Management

Emergency Management Services

Employment and Benefits Information

Employment Opportunites

Environmental Affairs

Environmental Applications and Research Group

Environmental Management Systems (EMS)

Environmental Monitoring

Environmental Partnership Conference

Enviornmental Water Account (EWA)

Ethics Program

Equal Employment Opportunity


Fact Sheets

Fisheries and Wildlife Resources Group

Federal Register/Rulemaking

Franks Tract Project

Freedom of Information Act

Folsom Dam Road EIS



Government Performance and Results Act

Gray Lodge Wildlife Area

Grassland Bypass Project


History Program

Hydroelectric Power Program

Hydropower - Signed Memorandum of Understanding

Hydropower Technical Services Group


Infrastructure Services

Instrumentation and Inspections Group

Interagency Forum on Reclamation Land Use Authorizations

International Programs


Joint Federal Project (JFP)


Klamath Basin Area Office

Klamath Basin Study


Lahontan Basin Area Office

Lake Berryessa

Lake Berryessa Visitor Services Plan

Land Suitability and Water Quality Group

Land and Water Surfaces Use

Leadership Bios


Los Vaqueros Expansion Investigation


Museum Property

Mid Pacific Region

MP -150

MP - 500

MP - 3800

MP Region Construction Office (MPCO)

MP Region Regional Director

Mussels - Quagga and Zebra


Native American Affairs Program (NAAP)

National Irrigation Water Quality Program (Partnership Website)

Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act

Native American Program

National Environmental Policy Act

Newlands Project Resource Management Plan

New Melones Lake

New Melones Revised Plan of Operation


Nimbus Dam

Nimbus Hatchery Fish Passage Project


Northern California Area Office

North-of-the-Delta Offstream Storage Investigation (NODOS)


Organizational Chart - MP Region


Photo Database

Programs, Activities and Related Database Information

Program to Meet Standards (PTMS)

Projects & Facilities - Dams, Reservoirs, Power Plants Info Database

Project Fact Sheets

Public Affairs


Quagga and zebra mussels

Quality of Information


Reclamation Homepage

Reclamation Manual

Reclamation Offices

Reclamation Reform Act of 1982

Reclamation Federal Register/Rulemaking

Red Bluff Fish Passage Improvement Project

Recreation Programs

Renewable Energy Project

Research and Development

Resource Management and Planning Group

Rural Water Supply Program


Sacramento River Settlement Contractors Contract Renewal Effort

Sacramento and San Joaquin Basins Study

Safety and Health Office

Safety and Health Standards (RSHS)

Safety of Dams (SOD) Program

San Luis Drainage Feature Re-evaluation

San Luis Reservoir Low Point Improvement Project

Security Safety and Law Enforcement

Shasta Lake Water Resources Investigation

Social Media Comment Policy

South-Central California Area Office

Special Emphasis Program

Surface Storage and Conveyance Program (SSCP)


Technical Service Center

Title 34 (Public Law 102-575)

Tracy Fish Facility Improvement Program

Truckee Basin Study

Truckee River Operating Agreement


Upper San Joaquin River Basin Storage Investigation

Use of Reclamation Project Land & Water Surfaces



Warren Act and other water-related contracts

Water Allocation

Water and Environmental Resources

Water Banking Criteria Development

Water O&M Bulletins

Water Operations

Water Safety

Water Transfers

Water Users Conference

Watershed and River Systems Software

WaterSMART Program

Water Year 2013/2014 Water Supply Meetings

Workforce Diversity

Wyoming Area Office


Youth Initiative




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