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Ratebooks The latest edition of the WaterRatebooks and other water planning information.
Ratesetting CVP Ratesetting processes, charges, reports, references, links and forms.
Reclamation Reform Act Reclamation Reform Act - This document forms the foundation in statutory and administrative law for water conservation efforts: With the Reclamation Reform Act of 1982, Congress broadened Reclamation's empowerment from building and managing waterworks on the supply side, to also making sure federal water was being put to reasonable and beneficial use on the demand side. This hefty body of law covers a lot of topics. Browse the section titles for the items of interest, and then click on any frame you wish to print before choosing the print command.
Reclamation, Instructions See the very latest Reclamation Manual and instructions.
Recreation Areas A automobile style pocket map of all Recreational areas within the Bureau of Reclamation
Retirement Retirement Centrum - Retirement Kiosk of information for our retirees

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April 5, 2012

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