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Circulars Office of Personnel Management (OPM) Circulars in numerical sequence
CVPIA Implementation The Central Valley Project Improvement Act (Title 34) CVPIA Implimentation main project and activity oriented website
CVPIA Title 34 (Homepage) Central Valley Project Improvement Act (CVPIA) Home Page
CVPIA Title 34 of Public Law 102-575 The Complete Central Valley Project Improvement Act CVPIA Title 34 of Public Law 102-575
Departmental Manual The Departmental Manual - DOI Manual
ELIPS The Electronic Library of Interior PolicieS (ELIPS) is a library of official policies, procedures, programs, and functions of the bureaus and offices of the Department of the Interior. ELIPS contains the following: Departmental Manual Chapters - Permanent policy documents approved by the Secretary or the Assistant Secretary - Policy, Management and Budget. These include organization descriptions; delegations of authority; and policies, procedures, and standards for administrative, legal, legislative, informational and program activities of the Department. ELIPS contains the current chapters as well as a limited number of previously approved versions of the chapter. Earlier versions of the chapters as well as obsolete chapters are contained in the system's archived files. Secretary's Orders - Temporary or interim policies approved by the Secretary that expire after a specified period of time or that are converted to the Departmental Manual. ELIPS also contains all current and expired Secretary's Orders dating as far back as 1992. Bulletins/Memoranda - Policy letters, memorandums or bulletins issued by authorized DOI Management officials that generally provide policy guidance for Interior based on broader government regulations in the areas of Personnel, Federal Acquisition Regulations, Federal Travel Regulations, Information Technology, etc. A limited number of documents are currently in the system. Plans are underway to expand the number of documents in the future.
Federal Law Legal resources.
FOIA - Freedom of Information Act Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) established a presumption that records in the possession of Federal agencies are accessible to the public. Before FOIA was passed in 1966, the individual had to establish a right to examine these Government records. With passage of the FOIA, the burden of proof shifted from the individual to the Government. The "need to know" standard has been replaced by a "right to know" doctrine. FOIA set standards for determining which records must be disclosed and which records can be withheld. The law also provides administrative and judicial remedies for those denied access to records.
Laws and Policies Reclamation information with links to: Code of Federal Regulations Codification of the general and permanent rules published in the Federal Register Decisions of the Comptroller General Financial audits, analyses, legal opinions and investigations conducted by the General Accounting Office Electronic Library of Interior Policies Contains long term policies, mandatory procedures, Secretary's orders, and Departmental Manual chapters from the Department of the Interior Executive Orders Information about Executive orders beginning with those signed by President Franklin D. Roosevelt Fed Law Cost-effective legal research tool for Federal lawyers and employees Federal Register Full-text access to the Federal Register from 1996 through the current issue Occupational Safety & Health Administration Retrieve OSHA directives, interpretation letters, and manuals OMB Circulars Instructions or information issued by the Office of Management & Budget to Federal agencies Reclamation Manual The Reclamation Manual (RM) describes mandatory requirements for Reclamation-wide programs Thomas-U.S. Congress on the Internet Search and retrieve U.S. Congressional bills, committee reports, public laws, and Congressional Record Virtual Reading Room of the Office of Policy Includes laws, regulations, and maps, as well as scientific and technical information relating to use and conservation of natural and cultural resources Please contact Kristi Thompson regarding this page. Last modified: 10/20/05 Feedback and Questions
Policy, Federal Government GSA Office of Government-wide Policy.
Privacy Act The Privacy Act is a companion to the FOIA. The Privacy Act regulates Federal Government agency recordkeeping and disclosure practices. The Act allows most individuals to seek access to Federal agency records about themselves. As with the FOIA, the Privacy Act provides civil remedies for individuals whose rights have been violated. Together with the FOIA, the Privacy Act permits disclosure of most personal files to the individual who is the subject of the files.
Reclamation, Instructions See the very latest Reclamation Manual and instructions.
Wildlife Management, Klamath Project Public Law 88-567 Act of September 2, 1964 (Kuchel Act) 78 Stat.850 Section 1. Policy of the Congress. ? It is hereby declared to be the policy of the Congress to stabilize the ownership of the land in the Klamath Federal reclamation project, Oregon and California, as well as the administration and management of the Klamath Federal reclamation project and the Tule Lake National Wildlife Refuge, Lower Klamath National Wildlife Refuge, Upper Klamath National Wildlife Refuge, and Clear Lake National Wildlife Refuge, to preserve intact the necessary existing habitat for migratory waterfowl in the vital area of the Pacific flyway, and to prevent depredations of migratory waterfowl on the agricultural crops in the Pacific Coast States. (78 Stat. 850; 16 U.S.C. ? 695k)

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