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CVPIA Central Valley Project Improvement Act information
CVPIACentral Valley Project Improvement Act (CVPIA) In one of its last actions of the session, the 102nd Congress passed multipurpose water legislation which was signed into law October 30, 1992. Previously referred to as H.R. 429, Public Law 102-575 contains 40 separate titles providing for water resource project throughout the West.
CVPIA 3404(c)Renewal of Existing Long-Term Contracts - 3404(c) CVPIA Contract Renewal Process - In accordance with Section 3404(c) of the Central Valley Project Improvement Act (CVPIA), Reclamation will negotiate long-term water service contracts.
CVPIA 3405(a)3405(a) Water Transfers This site is made available to provide information related to transfers of Central Valley Project water and implementation of the water transfers provisions of Section 3405(a) of the Central Valley Project Improvement Act (CVPIA) (Title 34 of Public Law 102-575).
CVPIA 3405(e)WaterShare, the Mid-Pacific Region's virtual water conservation center. At this site you'll find technical advice for professional water managers; water wise gardens of California; and activities for students K-12 to learn about water conservation.
CVPIA 3406(b)(1)San Joaquin River Riparian Habitat Restoration Program
CVPIA 3406(b)(1)Anadromous Fish Restoration Program
CVPIA 3406(b)(1)Other CVP Mitigation, including Endangered Species
CVPIA 3406(b)(10)Red Bluff Diversion Dam Fish Passages
CVPIA 3406(b)(11)Coleman National Fish Hatchery Rehabilitation
CVPIA 3406(b)(12)Clear Creek Fishery Restoration Program
CVPIA 3406(b)(13)Riparian Habitat Protection Program
CVPIA 3406(b)(13)Spawning Gravel Replenishment Program
CVPIA 3406(b)(14)Delta Cross Channel And Georgiana Slough Program
CVPIA 3406(b)(15)Old River Seasonal Barrier
CVPIA 3406(b)(16)Comprehensive Assessment and Monitoring Program
CVPIA 3406(b)(17)ACID Fish Passage Program
CVPIA 3406(b)(19)Shasta and Trinity Carryover Storage
CVPIA 3406(b)(2)Upon enactment of this title dedicate and manage annually 800,000 acre-feet of Central Valley Project yield for the primary purpose of implementing the fish, wildlife, and habitat restoration purposes and measures authorized by this title. More?
CVPIA 3406(b)(20)GCID Pumping Plant Mitigation Program
CVPIA 3406(b)(21)Anadromous Fish Screening Program
CVPIA 3406(b)(22)Incentive Program for Flooded Agricultural Fields
CVPIA 3406(b)(3)The Water Acquisition Program is a joint effort by the Bureau of Reclamation and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to acquire water supplies to meet the habitat restoration and enhancement goals of the Central Valley Project Improvement Act and to improve the Department of the Interior's ability to meet regulatory water quality requirements.
CVPIA 3406(b)(4)Tracy Pumping Plant Mitigation Program
CVPIA 3406(b)(5)Contra Costa Pumping Plant Mitigation Program
CVPIA 3406(b)(9)Eliminate Flow Fluctuation Losses
CVPIA 3406(d)As part of Section 3406(d) of the CVPIA, "Central Valley Refuges And Wildlife Habitat Areas", Reclamation is negotiating for long-term water supply contracts/agreements with the California Department of Fish and Game, Grasslands Water District (representing the Grassland Resource Conservation District), and memoranda of understanding (MOU's) with the Fish and Wildlife Service.
CVPIA 3406(d)(1-2)Refuge Water Supplies (Level 2 and Level 4)
CVPIA 3406(d)(5)Conveyance Facilities for Refuges
CVPIA 3406(d)(6)Water Supply Investigations for Private Wetlands and Centeral Valley Habitat Joint Venture
CVPIA 3406(g)Ecosystem and Water System Operations Models.-- to develop readily usable and broadly available models and supporting data to evaluate the ecologic and hydrologic effects of existing and alternative operations of public and private water facilities and systems in the Sacramento, San Joaquin, and Trinity River watersheds?
CVPIA 3408(h)The Land Retirement Program - The San Joaquin Valley Drainage Program, established in 1984, combined federal and state efforts to investigate drainage issues in the Valley, and to identify possible strategies for addressing these issues. More?
CVPIA 3408(i)Water Conservation Projects
CVPIA 3807Restoration Fund
CVPIA Annual Work PlansCVPIA Annual Work Plans - see the draft annual work plans for the past and future.
CVPIA ImplementationThe Central Valley Project Improvement Act (Title 34) CVPIA Implimentation main project and activity oriented website
CVPIA Title 34 (Homepage)Central Valley Project Improvement Act (CVPIA) Home Page
CVPIA Title 34 of Public Law 102-575The Complete Central Valley Project Improvement Act CVPIA Title 34 of Public Law 102-575
CVPIA, Program AssessmentThis program carries out activities to protect, restore, and enhance fish, wildlife, and associated habitat in California's Central Valley.