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Lake Berressa Nestled between Blue Ridge and Cedar Roughs, east of the Napa Valley, Lake Berryessa offers year-round recreation opportunities. Berryessa's water reaches temperatures of up to 75 degrees in the summer, making it an ideal place for water sports. Anglers enjoy fishing for both cold and warm water species, such as rainbow trout, bass, catfish, crappie, and bluegill. The Bureau of Reclamation provides two large day use areas (Oak Shores and Smittle Creek), Capell Cove launch ramp, and many smaller dispersed day use areas. The seven resorts around the lake are managed by concessionaires under contract with Reclamation and provide camping, day use and boating facilities.
Lake Berryessa VSP Effort (CCAO) Lake Berryessa Visitor Services Planning Effort CCAO The Bureau of Reclamation is developing a comprehensive plan ? the Visitor Services Plan (VSP) ? for the redevelopment and management of visitor services (both commercial and non-commercial) at Lake Berryessa to support traditional, short-term, and diverse outdoor recreation opportunities for the public.
Lake Berryessa Water Education Field Program The Lake Berryessa Water Education field program is an interdisciplinary learning experience for students in grades 4-6. The program integrates the natural resources of Lake Berryessa and California State standards. The thematic program was developed in cooperation with educators from our local communities including Napa, Winters, Sacramento, and the Bay Area.
Land & Water Operations Klamath (KBAO) Land & Water Operations Featuring: Hydrology Real-Time Oregon state water Information Klamath Basin Special Reports - National Water and Climate Center (NRCS) Weather & Climate Hydrological Modeling (KPSIM) Land Leasing Program Clear Lake Dam Reconstruction
Land Lease Program, KBAO Klamath Basin Area Office (KBAO) Land Lease Program
Laws and Policies Reclamation information with links to: Code of Federal Regulations Codification of the general and permanent rules published in the Federal Register Decisions of the Comptroller General Financial audits, analyses, legal opinions and investigations conducted by the General Accounting Office Electronic Library of Interior Policies Contains long term policies, mandatory procedures, Secretary's orders, and Departmental Manual chapters from the Department of the Interior Executive Orders Information about Executive orders beginning with those signed by President Franklin D. Roosevelt Fed Law Cost-effective legal research tool for Federal lawyers and employees Federal Register Full-text access to the Federal Register from 1996 through the current issue Occupational Safety & Health Administration Retrieve OSHA directives, interpretation letters, and manuals OMB Circulars Instructions or information issued by the Office of Management & Budget to Federal agencies Reclamation Manual The Reclamation Manual (RM) describes mandatory requirements for Reclamation-wide programs Thomas-U.S. Congress on the Internet Search and retrieve U.S. Congressional bills, committee reports, public laws, and Congressional Record Virtual Reading Room of the Office of Policy Includes laws, regulations, and maps, as well as scientific and technical information relating to use and conservation of natural and cultural resources Please contact Kristi Thompson regarding this page. Last modified: 10/20/05 Feedback and Questions
Lewiston National Rec. Area Lewiston Dam, Central Valley Project - Shasta/Trinity Division, is about 7 miles downstream from Trinity Dam. It diverts water by means of Clear Creek Tunnel to Whiskeytown Lake. The dam is 91 feet high and 745 feet long. The Trinity River Fish Hatchery, operated by the California Department of Fish and Game, has a capacity of about 40 million eggs. It is immediately downstream from Lewiston Dam and compensates for the upstream spawning area that has been rendered inaccessible and unusable by the dams. Lewiston Lake is more like a large, cold, slow-moving river with a large population of trout. Rainbow trout range from 8 to 18 inches, 12- to 14-inch average. The German brown average over 20 inches. Effective flies either cast from a drift boat or trolled slowly. Productive slow trolling. Shore fishing produces both varieties of trout.
Library of Congress THOMAS (Library of Congress) was launched in January of 1995, at the inception of the 104th Congress. The leadership of the 104th Congress directed the Library of Congress to make federal legislative information freely available to the public. Since that time THOMAS has expanded the scope of its offerings to include the features and content listed below. Bills, Resolutions Activity in Congress Congressional Record Schedules, Calendars Committee Information Presidential Nominations Treaties Government Resources
Library, DOI Department of the Interior library with links to: Bureau of Land Management Library This collection covers all aspects of land management, natural resources, minerals, computers science, and administration Bureau of Reclamation Library
Library, Reclamation The Bureau of Reclamation Library provides a full range of services and materials to all Bureau of Reclamation employees. Other government organizations, private institutions and the general public have access to library materials and limited services are available. Our collection pertains to mission and related information; such as, engineering, the environment, construction, water resources, and many other engineering related subjects.
Link River Dam Fish Passage Klamath Basin Area Office (KBAO) Link River Dam Fish Passage
Los Vaqueros Expansion Investigation Los Vaqueros Expansion Investigation - These studies examine the feasibility of expanding Los Vaqueros Reservoir in Contra Costa County, California to improve water quality and water supply reliability for Bay Area water users while enhancing the Delta environment. Visit the project website at www.lvstudies.com to learn more about the Los Vaqueros Reservoir Expansion Studies. The website contains background information, project fact sheets, available reports, updated project activities, and more.

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