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Activities A plan of action or a system of procedures that have a specific purpose
CVOCentral Valley Operations Office (CVO) - homepage featuring any and all water operations within the Mid-Pacific Region. Reports, Flows, reservoir data, water supply etc.
Contract RenewalsSacramento River Settlement Contractors - Renewal Contract Effort
Environmental Water AccountEnvironmental Water Account
KBAO Water BankThe Klamath Project Water Bank is a mechanism designed to meet water supply requirements through transfer of water from one entity to another.
Sacramento River Water Reliability Study (SRWRS)Sacramento River Water Reliability Study (SRWRS) a.k.a. Sacramento River Diversion Feasibility Study
San Luis DrainageSan Luis Drainage Feature Re-evaluation and EIS - The Bureau of Reclamation is re-evaluating options for providing drainage service to the San Luis Unit of the Central Valley Project. Proposed drainage service alternatives will be selected that maintain environmental quality and provide for continued agricultural production in a manner consistent with the Plan of Action (adobe formatted) filed April 18, 2001, in Sumner Peck Ranch, Inc., et al., v. Bureau of Reclamation, et al. A Notice of Intent to prepare an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), pursuit to the National Environmental Policy Act, was published in the Federal Register on Tuesday, October 2, 2001.