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Upper San Joaquin River Basin Storage Project EIS/EIR
Site: www.usbr.gov/mp/sccao/storage/index.html
The purpose of the study is to evaluate proposed actions to increase the storage of water from the San Joaquin River. Potential uses of stored water may include: water supply reliability improvement for agricultural, urban, and environmental uses; and water temperature and flow enhancement in the San Joaquin River. This is one of five potential surface storage projects which the CALFED Programmatic EIS Record of Decision (ROD) recommended for additional study to determine the potential for the projects to meet identified objectives in the ROD.

Notice of Intent published February 3, 2004. (69 FR 5184) Scoping meetings held March 16-18, 2004. Draft EA/FONSI on Geologic Drilling & Aggregate Sampling Program released on May 12, 2006. FONSI signed/final EA completed on July 11, 2006. Draft EIS/EIR due spring 2014.

Erika  Kegel
Phone: (916) 978-5081
Fax: (916) 978-5094

List of Available Reports
Report Title
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File with .pdf extension Final EA/FONSI, Geological Drilling & Aggregate Sampling .pdf 2,903.53KB 
File with .pdf extension Draft FONSI, Geological Drilling & Aggregate Sampling .pdf 16.90KB 
File with .pdf extension Draft EA, Geological Drilling & Aggregate Sampling .pdf 2,586.02KB