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Categorical Exclusion Checklists for Calendar Year 2011
Attached are the recent Categorical Exclusion Checklists for the Lahontan Basin Area Office. A CEC excludes certain categories of Federal actions from further NEPA documentation because these categories of actions have been determined in a public process to have no significant affect on the environment nor do they involve unresolved conflicts concerning alternative uses of available resources.

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List of Available Reports
Report Title
File Ext
File Size
File with .pdf extension AT&T Fiber Optic Line License .pdf 508.46KB 
File with .pdf extension ATV Crossing at Prosser Reservoir .pdf 199.79KB 
File with .pdf extension Boy Scouts, California Emigrant Trail Sign Project CEC .pdf 743.58KB 
File with .pdf extension Churchill County Rd Dept, Ll Culvert Replacements .pdf 186.57KB 
File with .pdf extension Culvert Extensions into Naval Air Station Fallon for Perimeter Fence Improvement .pdf 270.05KB 
File with .pdf extension Fallon Paiute-Shoshone Reservation Bridge Replacement and Modification .pdf 218.36KB 
File with .pdf extension Hazen Water Inlet Closure, Truckee Canal .pdf 1,713.80KB 
File with .pdf extension J. Kennard, S-Line Access License@ Ditch House Lane .pdf 286.40KB 
File with .pdf extension Navy E4X Drain Abandonment .pdf 332.09KB 
File with .pdf extension Oasis Lift Station Reinstall CEC .pdf 426.23KB 
File with .pdf extension Prosser Creek Dam Access Road Rehabilitation and Extension .pdf 852.49KB 
File with .pdf extension SW Gas, Gas Main Replace on Wood Dr. in L-Line ROW .pdf 281.70KB 
File with .pdf extension Southwest Gas Pipeline Crossing L1-7 Lateral Canal, Newlands Project .pdf 302.10KB 
File with .pdf extension Stampede Reservoir Weather Stations .pdf 183.14KB 
File with .pdf extension Truckee Canal Turnouts Rehabilitation Project - Fernley Ranch CEC .pdf 774.21KB 
File with .pdf extension Truckee Carson Irrigation District S-Line Canal Re-compaction and Vegetation Removal .pdf 714.68KB