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Categorical Exclusion Checklists for SCCAO for 2011
Attached are complete Categorical Exclusion Checklists (CECs) for 2011 for our South Central California Office. We posted the lists of the titles of CECs in previous years, but we will now be posting the actual CECs. A CEC excludes certain categories of Federal actions from further NEPA documentation because these categories of actions have been determined in a public process to have no significant affect on the environment nor do they involve unresolved conflicts concerning alternative uses of available resources.

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Rain Emerson
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List of Available Reports
Report Title
File Ext
File Size
File with .pdf extension 2011 Water Conservation Field Grant MID Meter Replacements for Farm Turnouts .pdf 840.14KB 
File with .pdf extension American Colony and Fresno Colony Headworks Projects CEC .pdf 938.61KB 
File with .pdf extension CCWD Trail Improvement Project .pdf 2,377.03KB 
File with .pdf extension City of Bakersfield 12 Water Pipeline over the Friant-Kern Canal near Milepost 147.01 .pdf 1,313.62KB 
File with .pdf extension Coalinga Canal Pump Replacement .pdf 650.38KB 
File with .PDF extension Contra Costa Water District Relocation of lateral 9.1 CEC .pdf 2,039.95KB 
File with .pdf extension Del Puerto Water District License for New Discharge Point at Mile Post 58.60L on the Delta-Mendota Canal CEC .pdf 4,707.46KB 
File with .pdf extension Delta Cross Channel South Levee Vegetation Removal .pdf 999.09KB 
File with .pdf extension Installation of Four Observation Wells at San Justo Reservoir .pdf 2,603.76KB 
File with .pdf extension Kern-Tulare Irrigation District Exclusion X .pdf 4,667.91KB 
File with .pdf extension Kern-Tulare Water District Exclusion W CEC .pdf 2,075.18KB 
File with .pdf extension Madera Irrigation District Lateral 32.2 Amendment to an Existing Perpetual License to PG&E .pdf 1,071.75KB 
File with .pdf extension North West Kern Resource Conservation District Mobile Irrigation Laboratory .pdf 933.84KB 
File with .pdf extension Sacramento-Yolo Mosquito and Vector Control District Abatement .pdf 404.21KB 
File with .pdf extension San Luis Reservoir Entry Gate at Medeiros SRA CEC .pdf 1,091.54KB 
File with .pdf extension Semitropic Water Storage District Facility Improvements 2011 WaterSMART Grant .pdf 1,587.21KB 
File with .pdf extension Shafter-Wasco Irrigation District & North Kern Water Storage District Water Banking Improvement Project CEC .pdf 2,459.57KB 
File with .pdf extension South Finegold Non-motorized Boating Access Ramp Millerton Lake CEC .pdf 1,413.73KB 
File with .pdf extension Temporary Contracts for South of the Delta for Section 215 Water .pdf 465.72KB 
File with .PDF extension Temporary Water Service Contracts for Friant and Cross Valley Division .pdf 928.62KB 
File with .PDF extension Temporary Water Service Contracts for non CVP Contractors on East Side of SJ Valley .pdf 978.70KB 
File with .pdf extension Temporary Water Service Section 215 Contracts for South of Delta Contractors (Inclusion of Non-Central Valley Project Contractors) .pdf 968.01KB 
File with .PDF extension Temporary Water Service Section 215 Contracts for South of Delta Contractors for Feb. 2012 to Feb. 2013 .pdf 1,021.71KB 
File with .pdf extension Water Efficiency Grant to Henry Miller Reclamation District .pdf 2,836.29KB 
File with .pdf extension Westland Water District Renewal of License for San Luis Canal .pdf 5,437.70KB 
File with .pdf extension Westlands Water District Execution of a 9(d) Repayment Contract .pdf 2,261.96KB