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Renewal of Sacramento River Settlement Contract EIS
Involves the entities and individuals asserting senior rights to divert water from the natural flow of the Sacramento River. These entities and individuals, known as the Sacramento River settlement contractors, typically receive both non-Central Valley Project water, referred to as base supply, and supplemental water from the Central Valley Project, referred to as Project water. One other contract, with the Colusa Drain Mutual Water Company, is also being covered by this EIS/EIR in recognition of its close coupling with the Settlement Contracts

Draft EIS out to public on October 1, 2004. Final EIS out to public on December 17, 2004. Record of Decision (ROD) signed February 28, 2005. ROD for Natomas Mutual Water Co. signed March 9, 2005; revised Natomas ROD May 5,2005. ROD for City of Redding and ACID signed July 1, 2005. PROBLEMS VIEWING OR DOWNLOADING FILES? PLEASE CONTACT LYNNETTE WIRTH AT (916) 978-5102 or lwirth@mp.usbr.gov

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File with .pdf extension Appendix A, Final EIS .pdf 11,324.00KB 
File with .pdf extension Appendix B, Final EIS .pdf 3,235.82KB 
File with .pdf extension Appendix C, Final EIS .pdf 0.00KB 
File with .pdf extension Comments/responses part 1, final EIS .pdf 8,311.24KB 
File with .pdf extension Comments/responses part 2, Final EIS .pdf 5,580.66KB 
File with .pdf extension Comments/responses part 3, Final EIS .pdf 5,636.45KB 
File with .pdf extension Final EIS, excluding comments/responses .pdf 2,165.50KB 
File with .pdf extension May 5, 2005 Revised ROD, Natomas Mutual Water Company .pdf 1,435.07KB 
File with .pdf extension Natomas Mutual Water Company ROD, Sac. Settlement Contractors .pdf 448.07KB 
File with .pdf extension ROD, ACID and City of Redding, Sac. Settlement Contracts Renewals .pdf 1,576.79KB 
File with .pdf extension Record of Decision, Sacramento River Settlement Contractors .pdf 383.96KB