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Long-Term Environmental Water Account EIS/EIR
The Environmental Water Account (EWA) was established in the CALFED Programmatic EIS/EIR. The purpose of the Long-term EWA program is to acquire and use water assets through banking, borrowing, transferring, and arranging conveyance for protection, restoration, and recovery of at-risk native Delta-dependent fish. Assets would be used to augment stream flows and Delta outflows; modify water exports during critical stages of fish life cycles; and replace water supply that may be interrupted by changes to water supply operations. Several new tools are being analyzed including land retirement, purchase of water rights from willing sellers, conjunctive use, new surface storage, conservation, reclamation, and desalination. The purpose of the EIS/EIR is to analyze the effects of alternative asset acquisition and use actions from implementing the Long-term EWA program through 2030.

Notice of Intent published February 22, 2005. Scoping meetings held March 2005.***** Managers from the five EWA implementing agencies (CA DWR, Reclamation, US Fish and Wildlife Service, CA Department of Fish and Game, and NOAA's National Marine Fisheries Service) determined that completion of the Long-Term EWA Draft EIS/EIR would be postponed until completion of the Federal Endangered Species Act re-consultation on the Operations Criteria and Plan for Central Valley Project and State Water Project, ongoing investigations into the apparent Delta pelagic organism decline (POD), and ongoing planning for a proposed Bay-Delta Conservation Plan. The EWA implementing agencies had proposed to extend the existing Stage-1 EWA program until these uncertainties are resolved. Project is now inactive.

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