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Municipal and Industrial Water Shortage Policy, Central Valley Project.
Reclamation proposes to implement a Municipal and Industrial (M&I) Water Shortage Policy for the Central Valley Project (CVP). The purposes of the policy are to: (1) define water shortage terms and conditions applicable to all CVP M&I contractors, as appropriate; (2) establish CVP water supply levels that, together with the M&I contractors' drought water conservation measures and other water supplies, (a) would sustain urban areas during droughts, and (b) during severe or continuing droughts would assist the M&I contractors in their efforts to protect public health and safety; and (3) provide information to M&I contractors for development of drought contingency plans.

Draft environmental assessment released for 30-day review on March 23, 2005. Final EA completed and FONSI signed 12/19/05.

Robert  Colella
Phone: (916) 978-5256

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File with .pdf extension Draft EA, M & I Water Shortage Policy .pdf 2,325.36KB 
File with .pdf extension Draft FONSI, M & I Water Shortage Policy .pdf 47.69KB 
File with .pdf extension Final EA, M&I Shortage Policy .pdf 2,912.22KB 
File with .pdf extension Final FONSI, M&I Water Shortage Policy .pdf 211.92KB